Raijintek Zofos Ultra Boasts Fourteen 3.5-Inch Drive Bays

Raijintek Zofos Ultra case
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Cases and cooling specialist Raijintek has decided to go big with its latest PC chassis release. The Raijintek Zofos Ultra full tower case will barely fit under a standard desk at just under 2 feet tall and deep. However, power users may find the Zofos Ultra alluring thanks to its impressive-looking cooling and max compatibility figures, as well as its headlining ability to comfortably fit in up to fourteen 3.5-inch drives.

The Raijintek Zofos Ultra demands to be described in terms of its sheer size and capacity. The case measures 254 x 598 x 597 mm which is a little over 45 liters in volume. A standard desk height is about 720 mm from the floor to the desk top, and smaller desks might only be 600 mm from front to back. Nevertheless, under-desk placement will make the Zofos Ultra top right corner-mounted I/O ports comfortable to reach. If you place this case next to your monitor, though, it will mean the I/O ports are out of sight and only just within reach while sitting. The Zofos Ultra is 17 kg (37.5 pounds) unpopulated.

Raijintek's new case has such a large physical size that it offers great capacity and max compatibility figures. For those who appreciate loads of local storage for their digital treasures, there are 14x 3.5-inch HDD brackets in the Zofos Ultra, as well as 3x 2.5-inch drive bays. The specs mention there is a 5.25-inch bay at the front / top of the case, but adding one there sacrifices one of the front 10x 3.5-inch HDD slots.

Motherboard choices for buyers of this case are wide open, with compatibility for EEB, E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and even Mini-ITX claimed. Moreover, this 1.0 mm SPCC steel and 4 mm tempered glass case offers access to ten PCI slots. Users will also be able to fit a CPU cooler up to 190 mm tall, and a GPU up to 370 mm long (540 mm with front 10x HDD cage removed) in this case.

Raijintek's Zofos Ultra also has ample room for rear cable management, which can be covered up with an "iron cover," once the build is complete.

Another important aspect where this case goes big is in cooling support. Users can fit up to 15x 120mm case fans in this chassis. Liquid cooling aficionados will also be attracted by the sizable and flexible array of options for radiator size (up to 480 mm) and placement.

Users who want to add some RGB LED lighting frills can enjoy cable-less convenience and control of front panel lighting. However, the product pages and install manual don't give a lot of detail about this feature.

To the upper right corner of the case, Riajintek's I/O panel offers power and reset buttons plus two USB 3.0 Type-A, one USB 3.1 Type-C, and an HD Audio port.

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Product NameZofos Ultra
Product Number0R20B00237
Dimensions254 x 598 x 597 mm
Weight17 kg [N.W.] 20.64 kg [G.W.]
MaterialSPCC 1.0mm
ColorMatt Black
Drive Bay5.25 x1, 3.5 x14 or 2.5 x 14 [Removeable], 2.5 x3
Expansion SlotPCI Slots x 10
I/O PanelUSB3.0 x2, Type-C x1, HD Audio x1
Power SupplyPS/2 [Internal Bottom-Mount]
FansTop: 4×120 or 3×140mm [option] Front: 4×120 or 3×140mm [option] Rear: 1×120 or 1×140mm [option] Bottom: 2×120mm [option]
RadiatorsTop: 280/360/420/480mm Radiator up to 30mm thick [option] Front: 280/360/420/480mm Radiator up to 30mm thick [option] Rear: 120/140mm Radiator up to 30mm thick [option] Bottom: 240mm Radiator up to 30mm thick [option]
CPU Cooler Height190mm [Max.]
Graphic Card Length370mm [Max.]
Side Panel Style4mm Tempered Glass

Raijintek has blitzed its social media channels with promotional details, images and videos of the new Zofos Ultra, but we don't have the pricing and availability details at the time of writing. Looking at previous high-capacity case releases from this company we would expect Zofos Ultra pricing to sit between $169 and $199.

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  • bitbucket
    And where the hell do I put my optical drives? PASS!
  • DougMcC
    Every time I see one of these giant cases, I wonder why they don't come with a box-fan style 500MM fan, I would think that would crush cooling requirements with low noise.